Dialogue is an interpersonal process, just talking to one another, so that meaning for our life experiences can be created.

The word dialogue comes from the Greek, dia logos or ‘through the word’. The process embodies all sorts of information, intellectual and emotional, fact and phantasy.  The meaning comes from the  context instead of the content. The clue is the format and the trusting atmosphere that develops through the dialogue itself.

The size and format of the group is essential to the experience. Participants bring unconscious expectations and assumptions about themselves and others that inevitably lead to clashes, that are usually clashes in culture. It is this underlying substance that tends to dominate and prevent communication in many life situations.  In this group we have the opportunity to unpack the process, make sense of it together and come to a place of mutual understanding.

At the same time each person has the opportunity to develop their own confidence in thinking and speaking in a group setting.

A group of this kind is referred to as a median group. It is a place where the relationship between our family history and our community experiences can be understood. To read more click on the link below.

Dialogue in a Median Group

A training is available in ‘Creating Large Group Dialogue in Organisations and Society’. Details available here:


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